Professional MetaX Players & Organised Play Support

Welcome to MetaXstream! 

We are a group of professional MetaX players who have come together to support Australian Organised Play and help build local communities by offering tournament support and advice to both players and stores for Panini's MetaX TCG. 
We strive to bring you some of the best MetaX TCG content as well as a heap of really helpful resources for beginners and veteran players alike. We try to cover everything from Tournament Reports, Deck Lists, Gameplay Videos, Collaborations with other MetaX Groups and much more!

We put a lot more back into the MetaX Community than just producing great online content, we help organise and run Australian Organised Play events as well as support other local events with MetaX demonstrations, competitions and giveways.
We also generously donate prizes to, and support the Worldwide Online OCTGN Tournament (MXOLT) Plus a whole lot more!

We don't have a Patreon or ask for any money/donations from the community but instead fund what we do by selling Sealed Product and MetaX Singles here. So please show us your support, check out our online store and grab yourself some sweet new cards!
By doing this we are able to help the community by having cards available for you to purchase and it also allows us to keep doing what we do best, supporting the MetaX scene and producing more great MetaX content!

Introducing the MetaXstreamists.

Battling it out for Crossover Supremacy.

Ben Sinnbeck

Favourite Deck
Unexpected Aggro

Most wanted IP
Dragonball Z

MetaX Achievements
MXOLT II 1st Place
MXS Season 1 1st Place
Summer Series 2nd Place
MXOLT III 1st Place

Rory McRae

"Rory will be fine"
Favourite Deck
GCPD Hand Control

Most wanted IP
Full Metal Alchemist

MetaX Achievements
MXOLT II 2nd Place
MXS Season 1 2nd Place
Summer Series 1st Place