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How to build a Top Tier Deck - Part 5

Posted on 2 February, 2019 at 5:15 Comments comments (2)

Welcome back to another installment of How to build a Top Tier Deck.
Today we are talking about Advantage, this should be pretty obvious and strait to the point but I still feel like it is something that needs to be covered anyway.

Deck Tech: Degenerate Mill

Posted on 29 December, 2018 at 6:20 Comments comments (0)

Degenerate Mill.

As we start delving into the more degenerate decks out there we stumble upon this little beauty, its not quite the typical "turbo mill" deck which we are used to seeing, but more of an evolution of what those other decks aspire to be.

While this deck is quite fun to play with (having a similar feeling to playing a game of solitaire or piecing together a puzzle), we do not recommend using this at your locals or against your friends! This deck is NOT fun to verse!

Lets have a quick look over the Deck List then discuss what this deck does that gives it this name.


2x Alfred Pennyworth - Butler

3x Green Arrow - Hand of Death

3x Firestorm - Nuclear Man

3x Bane - Professional Criminal

3x Hawkman - Carter Hall

3x Blue Beetle - Ted Kord


3x Birds of a Feather

3x Unexpected Turnaround

3x Evil Parade

3x Death in the Family

3x Rise from the Ashes

3x Tension

2x Paralysis

Battle Cards

3x STR/INT 1

The concept of the deck is quite simple,

Continually wipe Characters off the field and reset the game state with Evil Parade or Unexpected Turnaround.

For the turns in between your board wipes you have a few options..

1. Continually spot remove their Characters with Firestorm or Green Arrow,

2. Stall them with Tension or Paralysis until they build up more Characters.

3. Stall them by blocking their attacks with STR/INT 1 allowing you to replay Characters like

Bane - Professional Criminal and help speed the game up.

Eventually you will just win because your opponent drew/milled their entire deck.

This stratergy is so unfun to play against it has caused so many people to hate "Mill". For me I think Mill Decks in general are fine, I have seen heaps of cool Black Lantern and Bat Family Mill Decks that are really unique and fun to play against.

The problem here comes down to the insane board control which is only really possible because this deck doesn't care about getting VP's, it doesn't need Characters on board attacking to win so it can invest a lot more space into creating a super degenerate deck of cards.

I dont think I need to go into great detail with this deck, most the cards are pretty self explanitory and the deck is quite straight forward to play however I will give a few cards a special mention.
Death in the Family is very strong in this deck. You don't really need your Characters on the field as your opponent generally cant attack so being able KO them for a +4MP Gain is really nice especially when that MP helps pay for Evil Parade which would have killed that Character anyway!

It also helps fuel your discard pile for Rise from the Ashes and STR/INT 1. These cards are also amazing in this deck allowing you to get whatever Character you need from your discard pile and play them (Usually Bane)

The only other Character that is a bit of an oddball in here is Blue Beetle, he is here mostly to help gain MP and is great after an Unexpected Turnaround but also allows you to play Alfred as an extra Character which helps speed things up. Blue Beetle will probably be the first Character cut for something a bit more fitting.

I created this deck last minute with no testing for the MXOLT 3 and I am 100% certain there are a heap of cards that could probably be changed.
This type build could also be applied to Black Lantern Mill and Bat Family Mill so I will be interested to see what can be made there.
I have actually tested the Batfamily Mill with no battle cards and it looks very promising!

I hope this unique deck I've shared has inspired you all to think outside the box and question how good our current decks really are.

Until next time, stay degenerate MetaX fans!

-MetaXstreamist Ben S.

MXOLT II Tournament Report

Posted on 20 December, 2018 at 5:05 Comments comments (0)

The MetaX OCTGN League Tournament series has been very important for a lot of players that are yet to establish a local player base, allowing them to compete and enjoy tournament style gaming. It has also been a useful tool for more competitive players to find out just how good they are at both deckbuilding and actually playing MetaX.
This second MetaX League Tournament ran over 9 weeks starting on September 20 2018 and saw the largest amount of MetaX players participating with a lot of help from the Aussies making up almost a quarter of the total players.

Full event coverage can be found over at metamaniacs.com

This was the first time most of our Australian players had ever played against the Americans or even in a Tournament of this size at all and eagerly wanted to show everyone just how good we were. The result being 5 Aussies making the top 8 and the rest unfortunately just 1 win behind.

I ended up winning the MXOLT II with my "Unexpected Aggro" Deck in a brutal finale against fellow MetaXstreamist Rory McRae taking second with his awesome GCPD Hand Control Deck while local players Bryan, Steve and Rowan also made top 8.

Here is how I performed each round.

Round 1 Jordan Syverson 1-2

Jordan was definitely out for blood after the spanking I gave him in our MetaXstream VS Metamaniacs crossover games a couple of weeks prior.

He was playing an absolutely savage rank 7 deck and while I was quite confident that I was going to spank him again things just didn't work out for me this time.

I don't really know what happened to my deck this round, I was getting enough draw power and had a good variety of cards in my hand but the combination of cards I had were just a bit off and I just couldn't get in control of the game in time, my deck also struggled a little against his strong defenses and tech cards like Preen and Special 7.

It was definitely beneficial for Jordan having some recent experience against my deck and he played extremely well to counter what I was trying to do. Well played Sir.

Round 2 Eric Kutch 2-0

After losing the first round of the tournament I was feeling a bit under pressure, concerned that if I lost another game this early I wouldn't have any chance of making top 8. Fortunately for me this round I got to verse another midrange deck I could try to out aggro and my deck did its thing, I got a runaway victory in the first game against Eric's "Unblockable Intelligence 7 Deck" and even though Eric fought back really well in the second game I managed to lock in the win 2-0.

Round 3 Dylan Hickel 2-0

Unfortunately for Dylan my deck was on fire and the Military Police crumbled under the pressure, beating him 2 games in a row. I always feel super guilty when games end up like this as above everything else I want people to have fun. Thankfully Dylan is a really cool dude and took it as a lesson as something he has to build around in the future. It was the first time I seen the police in action and I was really impressed by what Dylan's deck was doing but unfortunately when my deck goes off there is usually very little that can be done about it.

Round 4 Matt Quinn 2-0

Finally I was back in my groove and confident after my Round 1 defeat, with my deck performing amazingly I had another runaway round beating Matts "Hard to Kill" deck 2-0.

Initially, after realizing what he was playing I was super concerned as I thought it would have straight up countered my deck killing off all my Characters which is something I had deliberately not included tech against but luckily for me Unexpected Turnaround seemed to be the counter to his deck at the same time and I drew enough Characters to replace the ones he did kill.

Round 5 David Goldsmith 2-1

This round was a very weird one for me. One of our local players mentioned versing David in an earlier round and that he was playing GCPD with Darkseid, this wasn't the case at all and because I psyched myself up to be versing that deck I threw the first game in confusion more than anything else. After I realized he was playing a Rank 7 Hand Discard Deck I knew I was going to take the last 2 wins for game (which I did) I've played against a very similar deck quite a bit in our local store and my current deck has a 100% win rate against it.

Top 8 Bryan Mardling 2-0

I always dread having to verse another local player in big tournaments and unfortunately this was Top 8 where one of us was going to be eliminated, I didn't feel good going into this match up but it had to be done.

Starting the game I think we both knew I was going to win but surprisingly these were some very good games of MetaX! I don't feel like either deck "went off" and there wasn't really any crazy stuff happen, they were just very solid games and both Bryan and myself had to play our asses off.

I ended up winning 2-0 in some very close games. Bryan definitely has some skills when it comes to TCG's but I feel this round all came down to the level or "Tier" of our decks with mine being just that little more refined and powerful.

Top 4 Ricky Manz 2-1

Another match I didn't want to play (Just yet) I was hoping for an epic Final against the existing MXOLT Champ.

The games were super close, Ricky is an extremely skilled player and his deck is just so consistent and powerful.

I was surprised after our games when he said he was confident he was going to win and had played over 100 games against my deck (possibly a slight exaggeration?) but unfortunately for him people don't seem to play my deck like I do which left me with a really good opportunity to show off just how well I can pilot my deck and play MetaX. I felt bad eliminating him in top 4 but it was my time to shine!

"FINALS" Rory McRae 2-0

Unfortunately my games against Ricky felt more like the Finals than these.

Both games Rory drew 1 Character, decided to mulligan then drew dead hands. I won both games in a matter of minutes and it was all over.

At least I didn't have to feel bad about my deck going off and being stupid but at the same time it didn't really feel like I earnt the win either.

For anyone wanting to check out the Finals, the game can be seen here. https://www.facebook.com/rory.mcrae.3114/videos/339677069950359/

I thought about having a rematch to be nice but figured I'd take the win anyway and become the MXOLT II Champion!

The MXOLT II was a lot of fun and a great experience, everything ran very smoothly thanks to Matt Quinn who ran the event and everyone else for being very courtious and understanding of the Aussies being in a much different time zone.

A special thanks to MetaManiacs and umm.. us? (MetaXstream) who sponsor the event and give out some pretty awesome prizes as well as Panini Games for Creating MetaX for us all to enjoy!

We all look forward to MXOLT III startring in January and any new players reading this that would also like to join head on over to the MetaX Octgn League Facebook Page!

-MetaXstreamist Ben S

How to build a Top Tier Deck - Part 4

Posted on 6 November, 2018 at 19:00 Comments comments (0)

Welcome back to "How to build a Top Tier Deck"

If you are just tuning in, you may have missed my other Articles, so please check out Part 1,2 and 3 where I have discussed Consistency, Synergy and some general tips when starting to build a new deck.
Today we are moving on to Part 4: Versatility. Versatility is something players often struggle with, some decks are innately loaded with versatility where as certain archtypes are lacking in some areas and require you to find other cards to fill holes in your stragegy to make your deck more versatile.

Lately I have been realising a lot that one of the most important things a deck can have is Versatility. As people are getting better at the game and decks are becoming a lot stronger and more consistant I am finding that a win or loss is generally decided a lot more on how far you can bend a deck and pull it away from its core stratergy without it completely failing. I've found that more of my games lately have been decided by me being able to do things my deck was not necessarily designed to do like perform a few team attacks to squeeze in VP's or switch from being pure aggro to playing defensive and passing non crucial turns.

What does "Versatility" mean to you? For me, a deck needs to be versatile to combat almost any situation that could arise during a game, whether it is a tough position your opponent has put you in or something that has happened because of game mechanics like an unlucky starting hand or not drawing the cards you need during a game. It is almost impossible to list every single situation but lets start with a few that come up regularly and some examples of how versatility can help overcome them.

For these examples I will be using my "Unexpected Turnaround" deck as we will be taking a look at some other decks later in this article.

One bad situation you can find yourself in is not having enough (or any) Characters to play, so how can you stop your opponent from just attacking every turn and winning? how can your deck be versatile enough to combat these situations?

I've been in this situation quite a few times, sometimes because of a bad draw or maybe my opponent has played an early Evil Parade, etc and left me with basically nothing. While my deck was designed to do a speciafic combo utilising Unexpected Turnaround I am able to instead use that card (or Teleportation) with some well timed Blocks to keep my opponents Characters off the field and unable to get VP's for long enough that I am able to start start drawing replacement Characters and rebuild my board state.

Another common situation you could be in is simply just wanting to draw cards, which happens basically all the time when you are playing an agressive combo deck like mine..

For me I have both Robin and Red Tornado as Characters who can offer me very decent card draw, however they are both quite specific on how they can offer that. I always find myself (After an Unexpected Turnaround) I will play a Blue Beetle followed by one of these Characters and this is where the "Decks" versatility comes in to play instead of the versitility of a single card. I can choose to play Robin if my opponent has more card advantage than me or if I need cards instantly otherwise for certain situations Red Tornado is a better option, especially if I have an Intelligence 1 and Batman ready for my next turn.

Another thing to consider with Versatility is when building a deck, does it have the ability to take on any threat you could be paired up against.
Do you have enough draw power or ways of negating serious hand control decks like the GCPD? Do you have a stratergy on how your deck will beat mill decks? Do you have ways of slowing down Aggressive decks so they dont just run away with the game? Can you deal with your Opponent KOing Characters every turn?

With a large variety of deck types and alternate play styles you will have to play your deck differently from game to game, this is where you need to be super versatile and be able combat whatever your opponents tactics might be.

I find when playing an agressive deck you need lots of draw power to keep the momentum goin, it also helps negate quite a lot of disruption that hand control decks can cause, however you also need to be able to limit the amount of cards you draw against certain decks like Mill for example. In my deck I run cards like Special 2 which offers amazing draw power but when I dont want to draw cards I can always play it out of sequence so I dont draw any cards off its effect.

Against Agressive decks and KO effects I generally find Unexpected Turnaround and Teleportation cover these decks really well by removing their Characters temporarily which usually gives me just enough time to basically "out attack" them and gain the 7 VP's needed to win. There usually isn't many times where my Opponent will benefit more from these effects than I do but in the rare case that I dont want to play these cards and I still need to be agressive 2x Harley Quinn - Heartbreaker help me squeeze through VP's while still being able to defend during my opponents turn.

Moving on, lets look at a couple of other decks that have great versatility.

Rogues Gallery

Looking at the Rogues Gallery you quickly see some of their Characters have quite versatile abilities. Deathstoke allows you to search for any Battle Card with a Rank 3 or less, this effect is not only great for consistency but the versatility it can offer is just as amazing, allowing you to grab essential battle cards you need to combat any situation or game state you find yourself in. Harley Quinn is very versatile as she has one of the best defence abilities against not only Mill but also Hand Control Decks, she even helps combat other powerful decks utilising cards like Joke's on You, etc. Poison Ivy is also another very versatile Character as she can serve as an attacker or defender but when needed she can be used to steal an opponents Character who either is blocking your attacks or has an effect that they are abusing or locking you out of the game with. 

While their Characters are quite amazing, their staple event Crime Spree is just as important to the decks versatility. With a similar way of changing the direction of a game as Deathstroke, it allows you to pick out specific Battle cards you need to combat specific situations.

Bryans "Potpourri Aggro/Mill"

The deck Bryan brought to the most recent MXOLT, his potpourri style deck is another great example of how versatility can be included in a deck.

The deck is on the higher end of the spectrum with a total of 7 Unique Characters, some of which have very potent effects for certain situations like Supergirl and Green Arrow. This gives the deck a bit more flexibility in what it can do and more options during gameplay especially when comboed with Battle Cards like Special 4 and STR/INT 1.

The deck also has a very strong "Mill" theme but also a decent amount of hand control options which makes cards like Special 6 an absolute powerhouse in this deck. 

This deck also allows him to go for multiple win conditions either by playing more agressive and gaining VPs, milling his opponents deck or the psuedo win condition of controlling his opponents hand to gain victory. Pushing multiple conditions at the same time not only puts his opponents in a tricky situation but also allows him to change up his tactic on the fly and start pushing alternate win conditions when needed.

How have you included versatilitty in your deck? or have you versed another deck and suprised with how well it coped in certain situations?
Let us know in the comments below and stay tuned for Part 5 where we will be discussing my favourite aspect "Advantage" and what you can include in your deck to help you get that edge over your opponents.

-MetaXstreamist Ben S

How to build a Top Tier Deck - Part 3

Posted on 17 October, 2018 at 8:15 Comments comments (0)

Here we are guys, Part 3 of our 6 part series on How to build a Top Tier Deck.

For today's installment we will be discussing Consistency, what different types of consistency are there and how to achieve the most consitent results for your deck.

Now before we start talking about Consistency there is a very important thing you must understand.
Consistency alone is meaningless. You can draw a whole deck of cards turn 1 or search your deck for as many Characters as you like over the course of a game but It will not win you games alone.

With a solid game plan and our other 4 components of building a Top Tier Deck, Consistency will allow you to easily put out those Powerful, Advantage Giving cards that are filled with Synergy and make your deck run like a Top Tier Deck should!

Now that that is out of the way lets move on with the article.

We all want consistency in winning games, thats a given. But how do we get that and how do we include more Consisteny in our decks in the first place?

This is a really hard question to answer because every single deck runs differently. Without having a direct answer that covers all types of decks the best I can do is break down a few different ways of making your deck more consistant. Some of these won't apply to every deck out there but If you can figure out what type of consistency your deck requires you will find you will have much better results and winning more games because of it!

1. Include multiple different cards with similar effects.

Let's say you want to build an aggressive deck that focus's on pushing your opponents characters with Strength 6. Consider other cards like Strength 3, Entangled, or even a Character with an effect that pushes target Character which might go well in your deck.

Decks that try to gain "FREE" Victory Points generally like to use this stratergy.

Another Deck example which you can check out is my Unexpected Turnaround deck which runs 3 copies of each Unexpected Turnaround and Transformation.

2. Draw Power.

I personally like to play pretty agressive decks so I generally prioritise Drawing Cards for hand advantage over any other effect or game mechanic. Draw power not only drastically improves your Consisteny but also enhances your Synergy, Versitility, Advantage and Power of your deck. It also serves as an amazing counter to the Hand Discard Decks that so many of us seem to hate, which is a great added bonus!

I've found people generally shy away from including too much Draw Power in their decks because of "Mill Decks exist" but unless you have a specific counter to Hand Discard Decks you are almost counting that match up as an auto loss instead and Hand Discard decks arguably make up a larger percentage of the meta.

The other thing to take into consideration, when playing against a mill deck is you can still easily win by utilising your Draw Power as long as you have a solid game plan and your Synergy, Versitility Advantage and Power are all on point.

3. Search Effects.

I like to include at least 1-2 Search Effects to get key cards from my deck and help boost consistency. Sometimes draw power alone just isnt enough if you have a bad shuffle, lose certain cards as VP's or if you require a certain card for a combo in your deck.

Some slower or control type decks also just can't include the type of Draw Power needed and often rely on having multiple search options to get the exact cards they need.

4 Discard Pile Recursion.

Quite a lot of decks have some type of Discard Pile recursion and some decks whole stratergy is based around utilising this ability and they do it very well.

Depending on the "Power"of your battle cards and what effects they offer, including cards like Joke's on You, Special 3 or Intelligence 3 could be very beneficial to your deck.

I don't include cards like this in my "Unexpected Aggro" deck because most the battle cards have very similar effects and none of the cards are particularly game winning by themselves. Where as my other deck "The Endless Waltz" benefits really well from 2 copies of Joke's on You to re-use my Intelligence 3 and Intelligence 7 "Unblockable" attacks which are extremely powerful battle cards.

Cards like Special 4 and STR/INT 1 are some of the best Character recursion cards in the game and being able to re-play Characters from your discard pile can be a huge benefit to you!
These cards generally work best in decks whos Characters have very powerful effects, my 2 favourite Characters I have seen re-used multiple times per game are XR143-JL Harley Quinn and R103-JL Doctor Fate however there are many other Characters that can benefit from this effect.

5 Hand Filtering.

Slightly different to having heaps of Draw Power for straight up card advantage, instead you can opt for having cards that offer more of a filtering ability. There are quite a few cards in the game that offer this effect in different ways, some will draw and discard cards, some will draw and then put cards back into your deck and some will even exchange with cards in your opponents VP Pile! Lets Take a look at a few examples.

Characters like Cyborg, Nightwing, Harley Quinn and (In the right deck) Vixen offer some unique ways to filter cards.

Some Battle Cards that also include hand filtering mechanics include Intelligence 1Intelligence 2, Strength 1 and Strength 5 however there are a lot more others out there to use!

Finally some amazing examples of events that also help with filtering cards from your hand include Card Burst, Burst of Power, Rank and File and Mastermind. Deciding how or if these will fit into your deck is the real challenge or if you will just leave the filtering effects for your Character and/or Battle Cards to do.

There is so much involved in Deck Building for MetaX and I have only just scaped the surface in this installment of How to Build a Top Tier Deck.

There are so many combos, examples and cards not mentioned here which can really help you with Consistency but I cannot physically name them all here, plus I dont want to spoil all the fun of finding these cards for yourself!

Stay tuned as next time we will be discussing Versitility, what that means for your deck and why it is so important!

-MetaXstreamist Ben S.

Guest Dech Tech: GCPD's Finest

Posted on 16 October, 2018 at 18:30 Comments comments (0)

GCPD's Finest.

Today we have a special Guest Deck Tech article from one of our local players, I would like to welcome Rory to his first ever MetaXstream article and let him introduce his super consistant GCPD Deck!

Hand control has and always will be a big part of MetaX, from set 1 hand conrol decks using cards like

Echolocation, Special 4 and Darkseid - Ruler of Apokolips to the lastest hand conrol deck GCPD.

The GCPD hand contol deck utilzes card such as GCPD Officers - Gotham City's Finest and Camaraderie for consistant draw power, Echolocation and Identification for pressuring your opponents hand and disrupting their game plan, they also have another amazing tool in the form of C52-BM Special 4 as an absurdly better option from other hand control decks Special 4 from Justice League.

The game plan for this deck is very simple, apply pressure on your opponents hand whilst also removing their best cards. Once their hand is depleted you can start attacking with battle cards such as Intelligence 2 to filter Characters back into your deck and keep your hand full of battle cards, Special 1 to keep recycling attached battle cards or Strength/Intelligence/Special 1 for a consistent supply of attacks.

Even though this does sound very simple there is a lot of synergy in the deck that you will need be aware of and have some experience to play it at it's maximum potential.

Lets move on to the Decklist and then I will discuss my card choices and everything the deck can do.


3x GCPD Officers - Gotham City's Finest

3x Harvey Bullock - Detective

3x James Gordon - GCPD Officer

3x James Gordon - Commissioner


3x Echolocation

3x Identification

2x Camaraderie

2x Gotham City's Finest

1x Power Players

Battle Cards

3x C38-JL Intelligence 2

3x C31-JL Strength 1

3x C51-GL Special 1

3x R129-BM Special 3 

2x C52-BM Special 4

1x C49-JL Special 4

2x U92-JL Strength/Intelligence/Special 1

1x U86-BM Strength/Intelligence 1

First up the Characters are one of the main engines of how this deck works. GCPD Officers and James Gordon pair so well together and can add a huge amount of cards to your hand while Harvey Bullock not only helps you keep your Characters Prepped to defend  but he also helps feed your excess Characters into your discard pile which will be utilised for GCPD Officers effect.

For the Events we have Camaraderie which is also drawing a good amount of cards and feeding your discard pile with Characters, all while clearing some space to play more of your Characters with "when entering" effects. You can use this quite agressively even when you are low on Characters if you have a Gotham City's Finest in hand.

The Battle Cards mostly focus on draw power to help you load your hand up with Echolocations, Identifications and more battle cards to quickly put your opponent at a disadvantage as well as help you dig out your Characters when you arent lucky enough to find a James Gordon - Commissioner as the deck only runs 12 Characters.
I've also included Intelligence 2 and Strength 1 as they help put Characters back into my deck or discard them and replace them with more useful cards, this also helps feed GCPD Officers and James Gordons effects.

So as you can see there is an insane amount of synergy going on (not just with the Characters) but with the whole deck!

Playing this deck is amazing fun and extremely competitive once you learn how to start cycling your cards efficiently and what it can do.

Thanks for taking your time to read my article and I hope to do some more for you in the near future.

Rory M.

Card Of The Week: Intelligence 2

Posted on 15 October, 2018 at 18:45 Comments comments (0)

C42-GL Intelligence 2

For me C42-GL Intelligence 2 is a staple card in almost every single deck I build and by far my favourite of all the Intelligence 2 cards.
It has always performed exceptionally well and won me more games than i can count.

First lets look at what other cards we are generally competing with exactly..

C38-JL Intelligence 2 & U84-AT Intelligence 2 Draw 2 Cards, Place a card from your hand at the bottom of your deck.
R127-AT Intelligence 2 Look at the top 4 cards of your deck, add 1 to your hand and the rest at the bottom of your deck.
U87-BM Intelligence 2 Draw a card, your opponent losed 1MP.

Please note, there are other Intelligence 2 cards that are still worthy in their own right but these cards mentioned all replace themselves with another card and have some extra effect paired with them than just "Draw 1 card" which is why I have only included these few cards.

Let start some comparisons shall we?

The Original Gangsta of INT 2 and the majority of players favourite (C38-JL) lets you dig 1 card extra into your deck with the Draw 2 effect and put 1 card at the bottom of your deck, either a dead card in your hand or something you would prefer to draw later in the game.
Thats basically all this card does and while it is a nice effect it is a bit lack luster in decks which can naturally draw a decent amount of cards anyway.

Unfortunatey the Rare Intelligence 2 from Batman falls into a similar category as our first comparison. While it is slightly better in combo decks that need to dive deeper into their deck to find the cards they need it is still quite lackluster in any deck that can draw many cards in other ways.
I'm sure there are some decks that particularly benefit of this card but I feel even those decks could still benefit just as much (if not more) off our Card of the Week.

Lastly we look at U87 Intelligence 2 (also from Batman) this is my next favourite INT 2 Battle Card as it has the same card advantage as the others but has more of a "seconday effect" this card unfortunately while also really good is a bit more optimised in a deck build around MP Control, it can save you in some very specific situations when your opponent is low on MP but outside of that it isnt as easily included in decks as our INT 2 from Green Lantern.

Now lets look at C42-GL Intelligence 2 and what that has to offer.
A lot of people dont see the value in shuffling cards back into your opponents deck but try to consider they generally use the cards less amount of times from their deck as they will from the discard pile.
There are way too many cards to list here but as a small example cards like Coming Storm, Crime Spree, Jokes on You, Dynamic Duo, Cat and Bat and Special 4 all heavily benefit by your opponent having specific card in their discard piles.

Now lets look at a few popular decks being played that this card can help counter.
Decks prioritising Starfire or Sinestro to KO your Characters.
Villain Decks trying to combo Legion of Doom and Ra's Al Ghul.
As mentioned it really hurts Rogues Gallery decks trying to abuse Crime Spree
Any deck trying to gain value by replaying their characters like VP Cheat Harley Quinns, Doctor Fate, etc.
It helps slow down GCPD's draw power with GCPD Officers effect.
Its also fun to shuffle in an opponents Female Titan before they get to re play her via her effect.
Plus a whole heap of other discard pile interactions can essentially be negated by Intelligence 2.

So next time you are building a deck try including this over your typical Intelligence 2 Battle Card and see how it performs for you.
You never know this might just become your "go to" card just like it has for me!

-MetaXstreamist Ben S.

Deck Tech: The Endless Waltz

Posted on 13 October, 2018 at 20:20 Comments comments (0)

The Endless Waltz

This is a second main deck I am working on for myelf, the deck gets its name from the card Endless Waltz which is quite fitting considering playing this deck feels as if you are busting out some sick dance moves and "Waltzing" around your opponent, countering their defenses and just wowing them with your sleek style.

With the amount of times you can play Endless Waltz, drawing cards, shuffling your deck, etc really does feel like a show of sorts and with the main Characters being The Joker and Harley Quinn it makes this is a super fun and cool themed deck as well.

The basic concept of the deck is to draw as many cards as you can which serves a couple of purposes, one being to help counter Hand Discard Decks (as there is no real defense against them otherwise) and the other is to dig into your deck as fast as possible to find the juicy unblockable attacks to throw at your opponent, we will talk about the synergies with this shortly.

Lets start with the Decklist and then we will discuss my card choices and what else the deck can do!


3x The Joker - Unpredictable

3x The Joker - Certifiably Insane

3x Harley Quinn - Queen of Arkham

3x Harley Quin - Former Psychiatrist

3x Ra's Al Ghul - Assassin


3x Endless Waltz

2x Joke's on you

1x Evil Parade

Battle Cards


3x Special 3

3x Intelligence 2

3x Intelligence 3

2x Intelligence 4

3x Intelligence 6

3x Intelligence 7

Starting with my Character line up you can see a couple of different themes, besides the obvious "Joker & Harley" theme this deck has going on, it is super consistant with 15 Characters and has helpful search and hand filtering abilities. It also tries to break some of the basic rules of the game which it does very well by creating situations where your opponent either can't block or simply doesn't want to block attacks.

Because Endless Waltz has such a great draw ability The XR Joker is a perfect card to set you up with a Joker and a Harley Quinn, I prioritise him over a card like Legion of Doom as he is able to search Harley Quinn - Queen of Arkham and doesnt discard a Character from my hand which I want to save for Harleys effect.

Ra's Al Ghul and Harley pair well alongside the unblockable attacks in the deck helping your other Battle Cards become psuedo-unblockable as well making it very hard for your opponent do do much at all to defend against the barrage of attacks you throw at them

My other key event in the deck is Joke's on You as it allows you to recycle your key attacks just enough to win the game, plus it also fits nicely with the Joker theme.

Moving onto the Battle Cards, as I mentioned earlier I have prioritised 2 main themes, Unblockable attacks and draw power.

The best draw power available to this deck in the form of Battle Cards is Special 3 and Intelligence 6 so 3 copies of each is quite essential.

Outside of that I have included 2 copies of STR/INT/SP 1, this card is in here pretty much soley for Harley Quinn - Former Psychiatrist, I wanted to include a battle card that would put my opponent in an awkward situatiuon where they were almost forced to block her attacks and KO her otherwise I would get too much value from her.

The unblockable attacks in the deck are the Intelligence 7 and Intelligence 3 (which is generally unblockable against a large percentage of Characters in the game.) Playing the Intelligence 3 while it is "unblockable" before your opponent plays a Character without Strength is quite important to gain you some advantage.

These 2 attacks also serve another purpose, while being unblockable and guaranteeing VP's they also help you keep your Characters from being KO'd by not letting your opponent block them and attach Battle Cards. this also helps have enough Characters to fuel Harley Quinn - Queen of Arkhams effect.

The deck design isn't as brainless as just drawing cards and playing unblockable attacks to win though, I have also included 2 copies of Intelligence 4 which pairs with the unblockable attacks extremely well!
It allows you to sneak unblockable attacks through off damaged Characters and still have them available to defend next turn if needed. This ability while not always as valuable has still helped me turn around and win countless games.

The most recent game I played online with this deck I was super unlucky as my opponent played Supergirl turn 2 discarding 4 events from my hand, leaving me with a single Character in play and just 1 Battle Card in hand, he then proceeded to get 6 VPs before I could really do anything and I still managed to win the game because of the advantage Intelligence 4 lends to the deck.

I have been playing this deck flat out over the last few weeks and currently it is undefeated online and I have only lost maybe 3 games in real life. So if you can muster up the cards for the deck or you play online I definitely recommend giving it a go as it is a lot of fun and insanely competitive.

-MetaXstreamist Ben S.

How to build a Top Tier Deck - Part 2

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Welcome back to Part 2 of our 6 part series on how to build a Top Tier Deck!
Today we delve deep into the Synergy of your deck, why it is important and how it can be improved!

Cards at a base level all work together in some way regardless of which cards you choose to include in your deck, however having a deck with cards that compliment each other is critical to building a winning stratergy and essentially the first step to creating a Top Tier MetaX Deck.
When you start to build a deck one of the first things to consider is how are you going to make this deck run? Newer players generally think the best decks are those that run the best cards, but this isnt always true. To win you may have to not run cards that are the best but ones that are needed for your deck to run correctly, Synergy therefore is extremely important!

A good example that I've seen recently of "the best" cards being used when there was much better synergistic options available was one of our locals MP Control Decks. The deck itself is already an amazing deck to play and very potent, MP control is no joke! I have a very similar budget deck build which can be found in our Dexck Lists here https://www.metaxstream.com/deck-lists
For whatever reason he wanted to include some protection/control against hand discard effects, now the best Character to negate these effects is arguably Rogue Gallery Harley Quinn but she requires only Rogues Gallery Characters to be in play so the next best option against Hand Discard effects is Saint Walker so he included 3 copies of him.
A few problems I have with this decision is firstly its just a "win more" card that works only against certain decks which you should be able to beat anyway causing opponents to become frustrated unneccisarily and also taking up valuable deck space.
The other problem is while Saint Walker is a good card in its own right he is only played in the deck for his effect alone, there are no effects crossing over or benefiting each other in any way, Ideally if you were to include another Blue Lantern Character and some of the trated events for Blue Lanterns I could then see a reason to include him, alternatively Vixen would almost be a better substiture as its a lot easier to include cards like Joke's on You, etc to re-use your awesome MP control Battle Cards and give you that extra synergy from your Characters/Deck.
A more Synergistic option (which I run in my Budget MP Contol Deck) is Petra Rall who can reveal my opponents hand each turn and draw an exceptional amount of cards considering I have Terry McGinnis to stop them playing cheap/free events with the Decks innate MP control which stops oponents being able to play larger events as well. The Draw power Petra offers is basically the same counter to decks trying to discard cards from your hand but she also offers hand knowledge, draw power and a lot more synergy with the deck.

Another perfect example of synergy in a deck is my Unexpected Aggro Deck found here 
There are actually so many synergies all intertwined in this deck Its almost impossible to write them all here.
For my Characters I have Blue Beetle to help swarm the field turn 1 and after an Unexpected Turnaround or Teleportation, He also generates a huge amount of my MP to make running 3 of each event possible.
Robin who is one of my main Draw Engines of the deck is enhanced by Unexpected Turnaround as I am usually returning multiple Characters back into my opponents hand and Blue Beetle who allows me to play him as an extra Character essentially giving me 1 less card in my hand for Robins effect.
Another card offering me more draw power to help keep cards in my hand is Red Tornado. He is also playable by Blue Beetle and combos well with Intelligence 1 and our next Character Batman!
Batman is anothey key component to the synergy of this deck, basically what you try to do is Unexpected Turnaround and then play Blue Beetle + 1, your opponent plays a Character and passes turn, then you play Batman to push their only defender and can freely attack with all 3 Characters which is great Synergy with Red Tornado if you have him available. Batman also combos extremely well with Teleportation.
Battle Cards in this deck dont really need any special effects other than to draw cards and allow other Characters to attack the turn they enter as your opponent is generally not able to defend attacks or negate much of what this decks stratergy is anyway so I have included 3 copies of both Special 4 and Strength 3 and then maximised on draw power Battle Cards for the rest with the exception or Intelligence 1 which just pairs too well with Red Tonado and allows me to safely get back Unexpected Turnaround from my discard pile.
The last Battle Card included in this deck is the STR/INT/SP 3 which allows me to seach any Character I need from my deck, GO SYNERGY!

As you can see from my examples running Synergistic cards is much more important than running straight up broken cards in most cases.
With a synergistic, well thought out deck you may find that you arent completely shutting down your opponent or occasionally steamrolling them into oblivion but I guarantee you will start winning more games in general because of it. So do yourself a favour and next time you are building a deck or wondering what you can do to improve an existing deck ask yourself what each individual card is doing for your deck and what other cards are benefiting from their effects.

Synergy is not all you need to create a Tier 1 deck though, stay tuned for Part 3 next week where I will talk about Consistency and why that is as equally important for your deck and how to achieve the most consistant results.

-MetaXstreamist Ben

How to build a Top Tier Deck - Part 1

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Welcome to our first installment on how to build a Top Tier Deck. Follow us in this 6 part series as we go through all the different aspects of what makes a Great deck work and how you can apply these stratergies when building your own decks.

Winning in MetaX requires a well thought out approach to the game and your deck needs to reflect that. Players who understand the most critical concepts and the state of the meta will succeed where most others fail but more on that later.

Moving on to Building a Deck from scratch, this is arguably the best part about MetaX but can also be the most daunting process especially without a whole heap of online resources readily available to us. This becomes an even greater challenge when you already have a deck that seems to work well but isnt winning as much as you would like or just doesnt quite feel like a Top Tier Deck should and needs to be fixed.

If you have a deck that you have been playing quite a bit which is good (but not great) and you're struggling to improve on it any more than what it is my advice is to write out the deck list for future reference, then completely pull it apart, put all your cards back in your folder and start over. Trying to improve on a deck with existing cards in mind or in front of you will cloud your judgement and subconsiosly force you into continually using these cards. There will be cards you think are great that you want to keep but you will not give other options even a slight chance at being included because of it, this is especially relevent for MetaX where we are limited to 3 of each same Stat/Rank Battle Card.

A perfect example here is Intelligence 2 from Justice League which was long believed to be a staple card of the game and all other Intelligence 2 Battle Cards have been completely overlooked until I started playing convincing people to consider Intelligence 2 from Green Lantern, oddly enough so many people out there still run the Justice League version without giving it or any other Intelligence 2 a second thought.

So, on to the Question we all want answered, How exactly do we build a top tier deck?

Unfortunately I am not going to give you a list of cards or tell you what Characters to use, but instead I will leave you with as much useful information as I can. I will try to educate some newer players, and try to get some of you more seasoned players to question what you think you know about deck building for MetaX.

I will go over each of the core components of a deck stratergy in these articles and hopefully by the end there will be a huge amount of useful info for anyone out there struggling to get their decks from being Good to being Great!

There are a lot of amazing decks out there from Hero based decks to Titans, Rogues Galley and much more, these and top decks always have some sort of "engine" that helps them run faster and better than other decks.

I have found the main 5 components of these engines to be Synergy, Consistency, Versitility, Advantage and Raw Power! which unfortunately a lot of the time isnt discussed enough or even really thought about by many players. I have watched countless people in my store just smashing cards together with seeminly no real thought trying to build decks or basing their card choices soley off the individual cards effects and what those certain cards do by themselves without even considering an overall stratergy.

Stay tuned for Part 2 where we dive right into Synergy and how that can really benefit the way your deck functions as a whole!

-MetaXstreamist Ben S