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MXOLT II Tournament Report

Posted on 20 December, 2018 at 5:05 Comments comments (0)

The MetaX OCTGN League Tournament series has been very important for a lot of players that are yet to establish a local player base, allowing them to compete and enjoy tournament style gaming. It has also been a useful tool for more competitive players to find out just how good they are at both deckbuilding and actually playing MetaX.
This second MetaX League Tournament ran over 9 weeks starting on September 20 2018 an...

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Australian OP Tournament Report 22/9/2018

Posted on 22 September, 2018 at 21:05 Comments comments (0)

We all met up at our local store excited for what is the closest thing to Organised Play we have at the moment, MetaXstreamist Dillon was frantically smashing a deck together and making some last minute changes while the rest of us were pretty happy with the decks we were bringing.

This was our first official outing as MetaXstream so we took the opportunity to do a live cast of our road trip down and b...

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