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MXOLT II Tournament Report

Posted on 20 December, 2018 at 5:05

The MetaX OCTGN League Tournament series has been very important for a lot of players that are yet to establish a local player base, allowing them to compete and enjoy tournament style gaming. It has also been a useful tool for more competitive players to find out just how good they are at both deckbuilding and actually playing MetaX.
This second MetaX League Tournament ran over 9 weeks starting on September 20 2018 and saw the largest amount of MetaX players participating with a lot of help from the Aussies making up almost a quarter of the total players.

Full event coverage can be found over at metamaniacs.com

This was the first time most of our Australian players had ever played against the Americans or even in a Tournament of this size at all and eagerly wanted to show everyone just how good we were. The result being 5 Aussies making the top 8 and the rest unfortunately just 1 win behind.

I ended up winning the MXOLT II with my "Unexpected Aggro" Deck in a brutal finale against fellow MetaXstreamist Rory McRae taking second with his awesome GCPD Hand Control Deck while local players Bryan, Steve and Rowan also made top 8.

Here is how I performed each round.

Round 1 Jordan Syverson 1-2

Jordan was definitely out for blood after the spanking I gave him in our MetaXstream VS Metamaniacs crossover games a couple of weeks prior.

He was playing an absolutely savage rank 7 deck and while I was quite confident that I was going to spank him again things just didn't work out for me this time.

I don't really know what happened to my deck this round, I was getting enough draw power and had a good variety of cards in my hand but the combination of cards I had were just a bit off and I just couldn't get in control of the game in time, my deck also struggled a little against his strong defenses and tech cards like Preen and Special 7.

It was definitely beneficial for Jordan having some recent experience against my deck and he played extremely well to counter what I was trying to do. Well played Sir.

Round 2 Eric Kutch 2-0

After losing the first round of the tournament I was feeling a bit under pressure, concerned that if I lost another game this early I wouldn't have any chance of making top 8. Fortunately for me this round I got to verse another midrange deck I could try to out aggro and my deck did its thing, I got a runaway victory in the first game against Eric's "Unblockable Intelligence 7 Deck" and even though Eric fought back really well in the second game I managed to lock in the win 2-0.

Round 3 Dylan Hickel 2-0

Unfortunately for Dylan my deck was on fire and the Military Police crumbled under the pressure, beating him 2 games in a row. I always feel super guilty when games end up like this as above everything else I want people to have fun. Thankfully Dylan is a really cool dude and took it as a lesson as something he has to build around in the future. It was the first time I seen the police in action and I was really impressed by what Dylan's deck was doing but unfortunately when my deck goes off there is usually very little that can be done about it.

Round 4 Matt Quinn 2-0

Finally I was back in my groove and confident after my Round 1 defeat, with my deck performing amazingly I had another runaway round beating Matts "Hard to Kill" deck 2-0.

Initially, after realizing what he was playing I was super concerned as I thought it would have straight up countered my deck killing off all my Characters which is something I had deliberately not included tech against but luckily for me Unexpected Turnaround seemed to be the counter to his deck at the same time and I drew enough Characters to replace the ones he did kill.

Round 5 David Goldsmith 2-1

This round was a very weird one for me. One of our local players mentioned versing David in an earlier round and that he was playing GCPD with Darkseid, this wasn't the case at all and because I psyched myself up to be versing that deck I threw the first game in confusion more than anything else. After I realized he was playing a Rank 7 Hand Discard Deck I knew I was going to take the last 2 wins for game (which I did) I've played against a very similar deck quite a bit in our local store and my current deck has a 100% win rate against it.

Top 8 Bryan Mardling 2-0

I always dread having to verse another local player in big tournaments and unfortunately this was Top 8 where one of us was going to be eliminated, I didn't feel good going into this match up but it had to be done.

Starting the game I think we both knew I was going to win but surprisingly these were some very good games of MetaX! I don't feel like either deck "went off" and there wasn't really any crazy stuff happen, they were just very solid games and both Bryan and myself had to play our asses off.

I ended up winning 2-0 in some very close games. Bryan definitely has some skills when it comes to TCG's but I feel this round all came down to the level or "Tier" of our decks with mine being just that little more refined and powerful.

Top 4 Ricky Manz 2-1

Another match I didn't want to play (Just yet) I was hoping for an epic Final against the existing MXOLT Champ.

The games were super close, Ricky is an extremely skilled player and his deck is just so consistent and powerful.

I was surprised after our games when he said he was confident he was going to win and had played over 100 games against my deck (possibly a slight exaggeration?) but unfortunately for him people don't seem to play my deck like I do which left me with a really good opportunity to show off just how well I can pilot my deck and play MetaX. I felt bad eliminating him in top 4 but it was my time to shine!

"FINALS" Rory McRae 2-0

Unfortunately my games against Ricky felt more like the Finals than these.

Both games Rory drew 1 Character, decided to mulligan then drew dead hands. I won both games in a matter of minutes and it was all over.

At least I didn't have to feel bad about my deck going off and being stupid but at the same time it didn't really feel like I earnt the win either.

For anyone wanting to check out the Finals, the game can be seen here. https://www.facebook.com/rory.mcrae.3114/videos/339677069950359/

I thought about having a rematch to be nice but figured I'd take the win anyway and become the MXOLT II Champion!

The MXOLT II was a lot of fun and a great experience, everything ran very smoothly thanks to Matt Quinn who ran the event and everyone else for being very courtious and understanding of the Aussies being in a much different time zone.

A special thanks to MetaManiacs and umm.. us? (MetaXstream) who sponsor the event and give out some pretty awesome prizes as well as Panini Games for Creating MetaX for us all to enjoy!

We all look forward to MXOLT III startring in January and any new players reading this that would also like to join head on over to the MetaX Octgn League Facebook Page!

-MetaXstreamist Ben S

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