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How to build a Top Tier Deck - Part 1

Posted on 10 October, 2018 at 8:50

Welcome to our first installment on how to build a Top Tier Deck. Follow us in this 6 part series as we go through all the different aspects of what makes a Great deck work and how you can apply these stratergies when building your own decks.

Winning in MetaX requires a well thought out approach to the game and your deck needs to reflect that. Players who understand the most critical concepts and the state of the meta will succeed where most others fail but more on that later.

Moving on to Building a Deck from scratch, this is arguably the best part about MetaX but can also be the most daunting process especially without a whole heap of online resources readily available to us. This becomes an even greater challenge when you already have a deck that seems to work well but isnt winning as much as you would like or just doesnt quite feel like a Top Tier Deck should and needs to be fixed.

If you have a deck that you have been playing quite a bit which is good (but not great) and you're struggling to improve on it any more than what it is my advice is to write out the deck list for future reference, then completely pull it apart, put all your cards back in your folder and start over. Trying to improve on a deck with existing cards in mind or in front of you will cloud your judgement and subconsiosly force you into continually using these cards. There will be cards you think are great that you want to keep but you will not give other options even a slight chance at being included because of it, this is especially relevent for MetaX where we are limited to 3 of each same Stat/Rank Battle Card.

A perfect example here is Intelligence 2 from Justice League which was long believed to be a staple card of the game and all other Intelligence 2 Battle Cards have been completely overlooked until I started playing convincing people to consider Intelligence 2 from Green Lantern, oddly enough so many people out there still run the Justice League version without giving it or any other Intelligence 2 a second thought.

So, on to the Question we all want answered, How exactly do we build a top tier deck?

Unfortunately I am not going to give you a list of cards or tell you what Characters to use, but instead I will leave you with as much useful information as I can. I will try to educate some newer players, and try to get some of you more seasoned players to question what you think you know about deck building for MetaX.

I will go over each of the core components of a deck stratergy in these articles and hopefully by the end there will be a huge amount of useful info for anyone out there struggling to get their decks from being Good to being Great!

There are a lot of amazing decks out there from Hero based decks to Titans, Rogues Galley and much more, these and top decks always have some sort of "engine" that helps them run faster and better than other decks.

I have found the main 5 components of these engines to be Synergy, Consistency, Versitility, Advantage and Raw Power! which unfortunately a lot of the time isnt discussed enough or even really thought about by many players. I have watched countless people in my store just smashing cards together with seeminly no real thought trying to build decks or basing their card choices soley off the individual cards effects and what those certain cards do by themselves without even considering an overall stratergy.

Stay tuned for Part 2 where we dive right into Synergy and how that can really benefit the way your deck functions as a whole!

-MetaXstreamist Ben S

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