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How to build a Top Tier Deck - Part 2

Posted on 11 October, 2018 at 1:40

Welcome back to Part 2 of our 6 part series on how to build a Top Tier Deck!
Today we delve deep into the Synergy of your deck, why it is important and how it can be improved!

Cards at a base level all work together in some way regardless of which cards you choose to include in your deck, however having a deck with cards that compliment each other is critical to building a winning stratergy and essentially the first step to creating a Top Tier MetaX Deck.
When you start to build a deck one of the first things to consider is how are you going to make this deck run? Newer players generally think the best decks are those that run the best cards, but this isnt always true. To win you may have to not run cards that are the best but ones that are needed for your deck to run correctly, Synergy therefore is extremely important!

A good example that I've seen recently of "the best" cards being used when there was much better synergistic options available was one of our locals MP Control Decks. The deck itself is already an amazing deck to play and very potent, MP control is no joke! I have a very similar budget deck build which can be found in our Dexck Lists here https://www.metaxstream.com/deck-lists
For whatever reason he wanted to include some protection/control against hand discard effects, now the best Character to negate these effects is arguably Rogue Gallery Harley Quinn but she requires only Rogues Gallery Characters to be in play so the next best option against Hand Discard effects is Saint Walker so he included 3 copies of him.
A few problems I have with this decision is firstly its just a "win more" card that works only against certain decks which you should be able to beat anyway causing opponents to become frustrated unneccisarily and also taking up valuable deck space.
The other problem is while Saint Walker is a good card in its own right he is only played in the deck for his effect alone, there are no effects crossing over or benefiting each other in any way, Ideally if you were to include another Blue Lantern Character and some of the trated events for Blue Lanterns I could then see a reason to include him, alternatively Vixen would almost be a better substiture as its a lot easier to include cards like Joke's on You, etc to re-use your awesome MP control Battle Cards and give you that extra synergy from your Characters/Deck.
A more Synergistic option (which I run in my Budget MP Contol Deck) is Petra Rall who can reveal my opponents hand each turn and draw an exceptional amount of cards considering I have Terry McGinnis to stop them playing cheap/free events with the Decks innate MP control which stops oponents being able to play larger events as well. The Draw power Petra offers is basically the same counter to decks trying to discard cards from your hand but she also offers hand knowledge, draw power and a lot more synergy with the deck.

Another perfect example of synergy in a deck is my Unexpected Aggro Deck found here 
There are actually so many synergies all intertwined in this deck Its almost impossible to write them all here.
For my Characters I have Blue Beetle to help swarm the field turn 1 and after an Unexpected Turnaround or Teleportation, He also generates a huge amount of my MP to make running 3 of each event possible.
Robin who is one of my main Draw Engines of the deck is enhanced by Unexpected Turnaround as I am usually returning multiple Characters back into my opponents hand and Blue Beetle who allows me to play him as an extra Character essentially giving me 1 less card in my hand for Robins effect.
Another card offering me more draw power to help keep cards in my hand is Red Tornado. He is also playable by Blue Beetle and combos well with Intelligence 1 and our next Character Batman!
Batman is anothey key component to the synergy of this deck, basically what you try to do is Unexpected Turnaround and then play Blue Beetle + 1, your opponent plays a Character and passes turn, then you play Batman to push their only defender and can freely attack with all 3 Characters which is great Synergy with Red Tornado if you have him available. Batman also combos extremely well with Teleportation.
Battle Cards in this deck dont really need any special effects other than to draw cards and allow other Characters to attack the turn they enter as your opponent is generally not able to defend attacks or negate much of what this decks stratergy is anyway so I have included 3 copies of both Special 4 and Strength 3 and then maximised on draw power Battle Cards for the rest with the exception or Intelligence 1 which just pairs too well with Red Tonado and allows me to safely get back Unexpected Turnaround from my discard pile.
The last Battle Card included in this deck is the STR/INT/SP 3 which allows me to seach any Character I need from my deck, GO SYNERGY!

As you can see from my examples running Synergistic cards is much more important than running straight up broken cards in most cases.
With a synergistic, well thought out deck you may find that you arent completely shutting down your opponent or occasionally steamrolling them into oblivion but I guarantee you will start winning more games in general because of it. So do yourself a favour and next time you are building a deck or wondering what you can do to improve an existing deck ask yourself what each individual card is doing for your deck and what other cards are benefiting from their effects.

Synergy is not all you need to create a Tier 1 deck though, stay tuned for Part 3 next week where I will talk about Consistency and why that is as equally important for your deck and how to achieve the most consistant results.

-MetaXstreamist Ben

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