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Deck Tech: The Endless Waltz

Posted on 13 October, 2018 at 20:20

The Endless Waltz

This is a second main deck I am working on for myelf, the deck gets its name from the card Endless Waltz which is quite fitting considering playing this deck feels as if you are busting out some sick dance moves and "Waltzing" around your opponent, countering their defenses and just wowing them with your sleek style.

With the amount of times you can play Endless Waltz, drawing cards, shuffling your deck, etc really does feel like a show of sorts and with the main Characters being The Joker and Harley Quinn it makes this is a super fun and cool themed deck as well.

The basic concept of the deck is to draw as many cards as you can which serves a couple of purposes, one being to help counter Hand Discard Decks (as there is no real defense against them otherwise) and the other is to dig into your deck as fast as possible to find the juicy unblockable attacks to throw at your opponent, we will talk about the synergies with this shortly.

Lets start with the Decklist and then we will discuss my card choices and what else the deck can do!


3x The Joker - Unpredictable

3x The Joker - Certifiably Insane

3x Harley Quinn - Queen of Arkham

3x Harley Quin - Former Psychiatrist

3x Ra's Al Ghul - Assassin


3x Endless Waltz

2x Joke's on you

1x Evil Parade

Battle Cards


3x Special 3

3x Intelligence 2

3x Intelligence 3

2x Intelligence 4

3x Intelligence 6

3x Intelligence 7

Starting with my Character line up you can see a couple of different themes, besides the obvious "Joker & Harley" theme this deck has going on, it is super consistant with 15 Characters and has helpful search and hand filtering abilities. It also tries to break some of the basic rules of the game which it does very well by creating situations where your opponent either can't block or simply doesn't want to block attacks.

Because Endless Waltz has such a great draw ability The XR Joker is a perfect card to set you up with a Joker and a Harley Quinn, I prioritise him over a card like Legion of Doom as he is able to search Harley Quinn - Queen of Arkham and doesnt discard a Character from my hand which I want to save for Harleys effect.

Ra's Al Ghul and Harley pair well alongside the unblockable attacks in the deck helping your other Battle Cards become psuedo-unblockable as well making it very hard for your opponent do do much at all to defend against the barrage of attacks you throw at them

My other key event in the deck is Joke's on You as it allows you to recycle your key attacks just enough to win the game, plus it also fits nicely with the Joker theme.

Moving onto the Battle Cards, as I mentioned earlier I have prioritised 2 main themes, Unblockable attacks and draw power.

The best draw power available to this deck in the form of Battle Cards is Special 3 and Intelligence 6 so 3 copies of each is quite essential.

Outside of that I have included 2 copies of STR/INT/SP 1, this card is in here pretty much soley for Harley Quinn - Former Psychiatrist, I wanted to include a battle card that would put my opponent in an awkward situatiuon where they were almost forced to block her attacks and KO her otherwise I would get too much value from her.

The unblockable attacks in the deck are the Intelligence 7 and Intelligence 3 (which is generally unblockable against a large percentage of Characters in the game.) Playing the Intelligence 3 while it is "unblockable" before your opponent plays a Character without Strength is quite important to gain you some advantage.

These 2 attacks also serve another purpose, while being unblockable and guaranteeing VP's they also help you keep your Characters from being KO'd by not letting your opponent block them and attach Battle Cards. this also helps have enough Characters to fuel Harley Quinn - Queen of Arkhams effect.

The deck design isn't as brainless as just drawing cards and playing unblockable attacks to win though, I have also included 2 copies of Intelligence 4 which pairs with the unblockable attacks extremely well!
It allows you to sneak unblockable attacks through off damaged Characters and still have them available to defend next turn if needed. This ability while not always as valuable has still helped me turn around and win countless games.

The most recent game I played online with this deck I was super unlucky as my opponent played Supergirl turn 2 discarding 4 events from my hand, leaving me with a single Character in play and just 1 Battle Card in hand, he then proceeded to get 6 VPs before I could really do anything and I still managed to win the game because of the advantage Intelligence 4 lends to the deck.

I have been playing this deck flat out over the last few weeks and currently it is undefeated online and I have only lost maybe 3 games in real life. So if you can muster up the cards for the deck or you play online I definitely recommend giving it a go as it is a lot of fun and insanely competitive.

-MetaXstreamist Ben S.

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