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Card Of The Week: Intelligence 2

Posted on 15 October, 2018 at 18:45

C42-GL Intelligence 2

For me C42-GL Intelligence 2 is a staple card in almost every single deck I build and by far my favourite of all the Intelligence 2 cards.
It has always performed exceptionally well and won me more games than i can count.

First lets look at what other cards we are generally competing with exactly..

C38-JL Intelligence 2 & U84-AT Intelligence 2 Draw 2 Cards, Place a card from your hand at the bottom of your deck.
R127-AT Intelligence 2 Look at the top 4 cards of your deck, add 1 to your hand and the rest at the bottom of your deck.
U87-BM Intelligence 2 Draw a card, your opponent losed 1MP.

Please note, there are other Intelligence 2 cards that are still worthy in their own right but these cards mentioned all replace themselves with another card and have some extra effect paired with them than just "Draw 1 card" which is why I have only included these few cards.

Let start some comparisons shall we?

The Original Gangsta of INT 2 and the majority of players favourite (C38-JL) lets you dig 1 card extra into your deck with the Draw 2 effect and put 1 card at the bottom of your deck, either a dead card in your hand or something you would prefer to draw later in the game.
Thats basically all this card does and while it is a nice effect it is a bit lack luster in decks which can naturally draw a decent amount of cards anyway.

Unfortunatey the Rare Intelligence 2 from Batman falls into a similar category as our first comparison. While it is slightly better in combo decks that need to dive deeper into their deck to find the cards they need it is still quite lackluster in any deck that can draw many cards in other ways.
I'm sure there are some decks that particularly benefit of this card but I feel even those decks could still benefit just as much (if not more) off our Card of the Week.

Lastly we look at U87 Intelligence 2 (also from Batman) this is my next favourite INT 2 Battle Card as it has the same card advantage as the others but has more of a "seconday effect" this card unfortunately while also really good is a bit more optimised in a deck build around MP Control, it can save you in some very specific situations when your opponent is low on MP but outside of that it isnt as easily included in decks as our INT 2 from Green Lantern.

Now lets look at C42-GL Intelligence 2 and what that has to offer.
A lot of people dont see the value in shuffling cards back into your opponents deck but try to consider they generally use the cards less amount of times from their deck as they will from the discard pile.
There are way too many cards to list here but as a small example cards like Coming Storm, Crime Spree, Jokes on You, Dynamic Duo, Cat and Bat and Special 4 all heavily benefit by your opponent having specific card in their discard piles.

Now lets look at a few popular decks being played that this card can help counter.
Decks prioritising Starfire or Sinestro to KO your Characters.
Villain Decks trying to combo Legion of Doom and Ra's Al Ghul.
As mentioned it really hurts Rogues Gallery decks trying to abuse Crime Spree
Any deck trying to gain value by replaying their characters like VP Cheat Harley Quinns, Doctor Fate, etc.
It helps slow down GCPD's draw power with GCPD Officers effect.
Its also fun to shuffle in an opponents Female Titan before they get to re play her via her effect.
Plus a whole heap of other discard pile interactions can essentially be negated by Intelligence 2.

So next time you are building a deck try including this over your typical Intelligence 2 Battle Card and see how it performs for you.
You never know this might just become your "go to" card just like it has for me!

-MetaXstreamist Ben S.

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