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Guest Dech Tech: GCPD's Finest

Posted on 16 October, 2018 at 18:30

GCPD's Finest.

Today we have a special Guest Deck Tech article from one of our local players, I would like to welcome Rory to his first ever MetaXstream article and let him introduce his super consistant GCPD Deck!

Hand control has and always will be a big part of MetaX, from set 1 hand conrol decks using cards like

Echolocation, Special 4 and Darkseid - Ruler of Apokolips to the lastest hand conrol deck GCPD.

The GCPD hand contol deck utilzes card such as GCPD Officers - Gotham City's Finest and Camaraderie for consistant draw power, Echolocation and Identification for pressuring your opponents hand and disrupting their game plan, they also have another amazing tool in the form of C52-BM Special 4 as an absurdly better option from other hand control decks Special 4 from Justice League.

The game plan for this deck is very simple, apply pressure on your opponents hand whilst also removing their best cards. Once their hand is depleted you can start attacking with battle cards such as Intelligence 2 to filter Characters back into your deck and keep your hand full of battle cards, Special 1 to keep recycling attached battle cards or Strength/Intelligence/Special 1 for a consistent supply of attacks.

Even though this does sound very simple there is a lot of synergy in the deck that you will need be aware of and have some experience to play it at it's maximum potential.

Lets move on to the Decklist and then I will discuss my card choices and everything the deck can do.


3x GCPD Officers - Gotham City's Finest

3x Harvey Bullock - Detective

3x James Gordon - GCPD Officer

3x James Gordon - Commissioner


3x Echolocation

3x Identification

2x Camaraderie

2x Gotham City's Finest

1x Power Players

Battle Cards

3x C38-JL Intelligence 2

3x C31-JL Strength 1

3x C51-GL Special 1

3x R129-BM Special 3 

2x C52-BM Special 4

1x C49-JL Special 4

2x U92-JL Strength/Intelligence/Special 1

1x U86-BM Strength/Intelligence 1

First up the Characters are one of the main engines of how this deck works. GCPD Officers and James Gordon pair so well together and can add a huge amount of cards to your hand while Harvey Bullock not only helps you keep your Characters Prepped to defend  but he also helps feed your excess Characters into your discard pile which will be utilised for GCPD Officers effect.

For the Events we have Camaraderie which is also drawing a good amount of cards and feeding your discard pile with Characters, all while clearing some space to play more of your Characters with "when entering" effects. You can use this quite agressively even when you are low on Characters if you have a Gotham City's Finest in hand.

The Battle Cards mostly focus on draw power to help you load your hand up with Echolocations, Identifications and more battle cards to quickly put your opponent at a disadvantage as well as help you dig out your Characters when you arent lucky enough to find a James Gordon - Commissioner as the deck only runs 12 Characters.
I've also included Intelligence 2 and Strength 1 as they help put Characters back into my deck or discard them and replace them with more useful cards, this also helps feed GCPD Officers and James Gordons effects.

So as you can see there is an insane amount of synergy going on (not just with the Characters) but with the whole deck!

Playing this deck is amazing fun and extremely competitive once you learn how to start cycling your cards efficiently and what it can do.

Thanks for taking your time to read my article and I hope to do some more for you in the near future.

Rory M.

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