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How to build a Top Tier Deck - Part 3

Posted on 17 October, 2018 at 8:15

Here we are guys, Part 3 of our 6 part series on How to build a Top Tier Deck.

For today's installment we will be discussing Consistency, what different types of consistency are there and how to achieve the most consitent results for your deck.

Now before we start talking about Consistency there is a very important thing you must understand.
Consistency alone is meaningless. You can draw a whole deck of cards turn 1 or search your deck for as many Characters as you like over the course of a game but It will not win you games alone.

With a solid game plan and our other 4 components of building a Top Tier Deck, Consistency will allow you to easily put out those Powerful, Advantage Giving cards that are filled with Synergy and make your deck run like a Top Tier Deck should!

Now that that is out of the way lets move on with the article.

We all want consistency in winning games, thats a given. But how do we get that and how do we include more Consisteny in our decks in the first place?

This is a really hard question to answer because every single deck runs differently. Without having a direct answer that covers all types of decks the best I can do is break down a few different ways of making your deck more consistant. Some of these won't apply to every deck out there but If you can figure out what type of consistency your deck requires you will find you will have much better results and winning more games because of it!

1. Include multiple different cards with similar effects.

Let's say you want to build an aggressive deck that focus's on pushing your opponents characters with Strength 6. Consider other cards like Strength 3, Entangled, or even a Character with an effect that pushes target Character which might go well in your deck.

Decks that try to gain "FREE" Victory Points generally like to use this stratergy.

Another Deck example which you can check out is my Unexpected Turnaround deck which runs 3 copies of each Unexpected Turnaround and Transformation.

2. Draw Power.

I personally like to play pretty agressive decks so I generally prioritise Drawing Cards for hand advantage over any other effect or game mechanic. Draw power not only drastically improves your Consisteny but also enhances your Synergy, Versitility, Advantage and Power of your deck. It also serves as an amazing counter to the Hand Discard Decks that so many of us seem to hate, which is a great added bonus!

I've found people generally shy away from including too much Draw Power in their decks because of "Mill Decks exist" but unless you have a specific counter to Hand Discard Decks you are almost counting that match up as an auto loss instead and Hand Discard decks arguably make up a larger percentage of the meta.

The other thing to take into consideration, when playing against a mill deck is you can still easily win by utilising your Draw Power as long as you have a solid game plan and your Synergy, Versitility Advantage and Power are all on point.

3. Search Effects.

I like to include at least 1-2 Search Effects to get key cards from my deck and help boost consistency. Sometimes draw power alone just isnt enough if you have a bad shuffle, lose certain cards as VP's or if you require a certain card for a combo in your deck.

Some slower or control type decks also just can't include the type of Draw Power needed and often rely on having multiple search options to get the exact cards they need.

4 Discard Pile Recursion.

Quite a lot of decks have some type of Discard Pile recursion and some decks whole stratergy is based around utilising this ability and they do it very well.

Depending on the "Power"of your battle cards and what effects they offer, including cards like Joke's on You, Special 3 or Intelligence 3 could be very beneficial to your deck.

I don't include cards like this in my "Unexpected Aggro" deck because most the battle cards have very similar effects and none of the cards are particularly game winning by themselves. Where as my other deck "The Endless Waltz" benefits really well from 2 copies of Joke's on You to re-use my Intelligence 3 and Intelligence 7 "Unblockable" attacks which are extremely powerful battle cards.

Cards like Special 4 and STR/INT 1 are some of the best Character recursion cards in the game and being able to re-play Characters from your discard pile can be a huge benefit to you!
These cards generally work best in decks whos Characters have very powerful effects, my 2 favourite Characters I have seen re-used multiple times per game are XR143-JL Harley Quinn and R103-JL Doctor Fate however there are many other Characters that can benefit from this effect.

5 Hand Filtering.

Slightly different to having heaps of Draw Power for straight up card advantage, instead you can opt for having cards that offer more of a filtering ability. There are quite a few cards in the game that offer this effect in different ways, some will draw and discard cards, some will draw and then put cards back into your deck and some will even exchange with cards in your opponents VP Pile! Lets Take a look at a few examples.

Characters like Cyborg, Nightwing, Harley Quinn and (In the right deck) Vixen offer some unique ways to filter cards.

Some Battle Cards that also include hand filtering mechanics include Intelligence 1Intelligence 2, Strength 1 and Strength 5 however there are a lot more others out there to use!

Finally some amazing examples of events that also help with filtering cards from your hand include Card Burst, Burst of Power, Rank and File and Mastermind. Deciding how or if these will fit into your deck is the real challenge or if you will just leave the filtering effects for your Character and/or Battle Cards to do.

There is so much involved in Deck Building for MetaX and I have only just scaped the surface in this installment of How to Build a Top Tier Deck.

There are so many combos, examples and cards not mentioned here which can really help you with Consistency but I cannot physically name them all here, plus I dont want to spoil all the fun of finding these cards for yourself!

Stay tuned as next time we will be discussing Versitility, what that means for your deck and why it is so important!

-MetaXstreamist Ben S.

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