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Deck Tech: Degenerate Mill

Posted on 29 December, 2018 at 6:20

Degenerate Mill.

As we start delving into the more degenerate decks out there we stumble upon this little beauty, its not quite the typical "turbo mill" deck which we are used to seeing, but more of an evolution of what those other decks aspire to be.

While this deck is quite fun to play with (having a similar feeling to playing a game of solitaire or piecing together a puzzle), we do not recommend using this at your locals or against your friends! This deck is NOT fun to verse!

Lets have a quick look over the Deck List then discuss what this deck does that gives it this name.


2x Alfred Pennyworth - Butler

3x Green Arrow - Hand of Death

3x Firestorm - Nuclear Man

3x Bane - Professional Criminal

3x Hawkman - Carter Hall

3x Blue Beetle - Ted Kord


3x Birds of a Feather

3x Unexpected Turnaround

3x Evil Parade

3x Death in the Family

3x Rise from the Ashes

3x Tension

2x Paralysis

Battle Cards

3x STR/INT 1

The concept of the deck is quite simple,

Continually wipe Characters off the field and reset the game state with Evil Parade or Unexpected Turnaround.

For the turns in between your board wipes you have a few options..

1. Continually spot remove their Characters with Firestorm or Green Arrow,

2. Stall them with Tension or Paralysis until they build up more Characters.

3. Stall them by blocking their attacks with STR/INT 1 allowing you to replay Characters like

Bane - Professional Criminal and help speed the game up.

Eventually you will just win because your opponent drew/milled their entire deck.

This stratergy is so unfun to play against it has caused so many people to hate "Mill". For me I think Mill Decks in general are fine, I have seen heaps of cool Black Lantern and Bat Family Mill Decks that are really unique and fun to play against.

The problem here comes down to the insane board control which is only really possible because this deck doesn't care about getting VP's, it doesn't need Characters on board attacking to win so it can invest a lot more space into creating a super degenerate deck of cards.

I dont think I need to go into great detail with this deck, most the cards are pretty self explanitory and the deck is quite straight forward to play however I will give a few cards a special mention.
Death in the Family is very strong in this deck. You don't really need your Characters on the field as your opponent generally cant attack so being able KO them for a +4MP Gain is really nice especially when that MP helps pay for Evil Parade which would have killed that Character anyway!

It also helps fuel your discard pile for Rise from the Ashes and STR/INT 1. These cards are also amazing in this deck allowing you to get whatever Character you need from your discard pile and play them (Usually Bane)

The only other Character that is a bit of an oddball in here is Blue Beetle, he is here mostly to help gain MP and is great after an Unexpected Turnaround but also allows you to play Alfred as an extra Character which helps speed things up. Blue Beetle will probably be the first Character cut for something a bit more fitting.

I created this deck last minute with no testing for the MXOLT 3 and I am 100% certain there are a heap of cards that could probably be changed.
This type build could also be applied to Black Lantern Mill and Bat Family Mill so I will be interested to see what can be made there.
I have actually tested the Batfamily Mill with no battle cards and it looks very promising!

I hope this unique deck I've shared has inspired you all to think outside the box and question how good our current decks really are.

Until next time, stay degenerate MetaX fans!

-MetaXstreamist Ben S.

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