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Rule of three
You may only play a given card title a maximum of three times from your hand in a single turn.

VP Resolution 
If you have more than one undefended attacking Character, you may choose the order in which your Characters gain their VPs.

A card is considered "reveled" if an effect "looks at" an opponents hand.

Competing Timing
If there are multiple effects to resolve with the exact same timing, the player in control of the current turn resolves all of their effects first (in any order they choose) – followed by the resolution of the opponent’s effects (in any order they choose). 

Negating Effects
When an effect is “negated,” the entire text of the card has no effect. Example: Saint Walker - The Power of Hope is in play. If Joke's on You is played, its entire effect is negated.

Swapping a VP
Whenever an effect requires "swapping" with a card in a VP Pile, there must be at least 1 card in that VP Pile for the effect to take place.

Team Attack timing
1) Declare an attack with a Character and designate it as a "Lead Attacker," along with at least one designated "Linking Character"
2) Push the Lead Attacker to play a Battle Card and use its effects
3) For each Linked Character, push that Character one at a time and pay 5MP

Conditional Timing
Effects with wording like "whenever"/"if"/"after" are considered to have conditional timing. If a conditional timing effect is activated by a card's effect, the conditional timing effect will not take place until the completion of the current card's effect.

Conditional timing effects that stem from a Character's constant effect require that Character to be in play at the time of the effects resolution, or it does not take place.

Conditional timing effects that take place "whenever this card pushes to attack" are used after resolving the effects of the Battle Card that was played by the attacker.

Playing Multiple Characters
When an effect causes one or both players to play multiple Characters at the same time, select all Characters that will be played by the effect. Then, the active player resolves each Character's MP/effects - one at a time, as if they had just been played (followed by the opponent's Character(s) if applicable.)


C16-GL Devastating Thoughts  Treat this card as if it reads "Choose up to 3 Battle Cards from a discard pile and place them on the bottom of their owner's deck, then that player's opponent draws a card."

C57-GL Special 5  Treat this card as if it reads "You may discard an Orange Lantern Character from your hand to discard a random card from your opponent's hand."

R109-GL Agent Orange - Ogatoo Thief  Treat this card as if it reads "Whenever an opponent draws 1 or more cards during the planning step, you may draw a card."

U99-BM INT/SP 6  Treat this card as if it reads "If this card KO's a Character, You must shuffle 2 other non-Event cards from a discard pile into their owner’s deck."


Q: “I have multiple Characters in play and Solomon Grundy is one of them. My opponent plays Annie Leonhart which causes me to choose a Character and KO it. Can I choose Solomon Grundy with this effect to make it fizzle?”

A: No, you must choose a Character (if possible) that will actually be KO’d by Annie’s effect.

Q: "If My opponent has no Characters in play can my Zatanna Target herself with her ability so I don't have to shuffle in any of my other Characters?"
A: Yes, Zatanna Targets a Character before she shuffles into your deck and she is a viable target of her own ability.