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MetaX (Meta Cross) is a Trading Card Game by Panini Games.

In MetaX universes will collide as players battle it out for ultimate crossover supremacy! 

The MetaX game engine was designed from the ground up to incorporate several different universes including comics, video games, anime, and much more into one cohesive gameplay experience. 

Rules are made simple and learning the game will only take a short demo of around 10 minutes, but the strategic depth of the game will keep even the most veteran card gamer coming back for more.

Each player creates their own unique 40 card decks to verse each other from an ever expanding pool of cards which can be acquired through buying Starter Decks, Booster Packs, Single Cards or just trading with friends. (We recommend buying cards through your nearest Game Store and supporting the local place where you regularly play but if that isn't an option please buy from us here.)

Below is a breakdown of the card types and how they function during game play.


MetaX  TCG - Card P6-JL Superman - Man of Steel

Characters are a key component of your deck without Characters you cant play the game.

You need Characters to Gain MP "Meta Points" but also to Attack and Defend with. Usually decks will have somewhere between 12-15 Character Cards.

You will notice a few different symbols and numbers printed on Character Cards so lets go through and explain what each of them means.

On the Superman card shown here you will see a MP +2 on the top right hand side of the card, this is how many "Meta Points" you will gain as soon as you play the card. You can have a maximum of 10 Meta Points at any given time and they are your basic resource used to play other cards like Events and Battle Cards (more on them later).

On the top left side of the card you will see the set symbol and at the bottom of the card in the centre you will see the card number and rarity, in this case we have P6-JL which mean Promo number 6 from Justice League.

Next we have the Characters effect. Effects can be 1 of 3 different types, Constant, When Played or Push effects as shown by the following symbols.
MetaX TCG - Character Effects

The Superman here has a "When Played" effect which means once this card is played you will draw a card. Other Character effects are very unique and can range from destruction or protection effects, controlling or negating certain aspects of the game, searching your deck or discard pile for certain cards and so much more! 

Above the Characters effect you will see the Characters Trait, in our example Superman is a "Hero Character".

You can freely mix different Trait Characters in your deck to try and find powerful or unique combinations or you could make a themed deck using Characters with the same Trait. Traits also have unique interactions with other cards in the game.

Finally on the Bottom right side of the card we have the Characters Stats. There are 3 different stat types in the game Strength (Red) Intelligence (Blue) and Special (Green), Characters can have any combination of the 3 types of stat with some having all 3 like superman or some even having only a single stat type.

These stats serve 2 functions, the first is to show you which Battle Cards can be played by a Character and the other is to work out when a Character would be KO'd and sent to the discard pile.


MetaX TCG - Card C27-AT Open War

Events can be played any time during your planning step and generally cost you some of the MP that you have built up by playing Characters (and some Battle Cards) which is shown in the top right corner of the card. Our example card here Open War costs you -1 MP to play. 

Events serve a whole variety of uses including drawing cards, dealing with opponents characters and many other unique effects. In our example Open War's effect reveals both players hands then lets you perform an attack with one of your Characters without having to play a Battle Card.

Events aren't as critical to game play as Characters or Battle Cards are so there will usually be less of them in a deck than any other card, most decks will usually have between 5-10 Events.

Some Events however have very powerful effects which usually have a pretty high MP cost, this is another reason to run less events but also a reason why events are so important to building decks and playing the game.

Because some Events are so powerful very few effects let you get Events back from your discard pile to use again which makes them a very valuable resource that you will want to use when they will have the most impact on the game.


MetaX TCG - Card C53-GL Special 3

Battle cards are the most unique part of MetaX. Unlike other games you cannot attack or defend with your Characters unless you play an appropriate Battle Card from your hand.

Battle Cards will have a Stat type shown in the top left side of the card, these can be any of the 3 different stats (Strength, Intelligence or Special) or even a combination of these stats know as a "Multi Battle Card.

Our example here is a Special (Green) stat Battle Card and has a Rank of 3 which means only Characters that have a Special stat of Rank 3 or higher Can play this Battle Card.

Battle Cards either gain or cost MP as shown on the top right hand side of the card. Our Special 3 has a cost of -2 MP.

Just like our Characters and Events most Battle Cards will also have an effect which will occur when the Battle Card is played as an attack or a defense against your opponents attack.

Some Battle Card effects only happen when used as an attack and others only when used to defend against opponent's attacks as shown by the following symbols. If a Battle Card does not have either of these Symbols that means its effect will happen whether it is used as an attack or as a defense.

MetaX TCG - Battle Card Effects

Because Battle Cards are required to attack your deck will need to contain quite a few of them to to attack enough times to gain 7 VP (Victory Points) and win the game, remembering that your opponent will also be trying to block your attacks and stop you gaining those VP's at the same time.

Because of this decks will generally have between 14 and 22 Battle cards in them and may even have multiple ways of getting them back from your discard pile during the game.


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